Bouncy Castle Hire Was A Winner!

Seriously who would of thought that a simply bouncy castle hire held in Perth would be a hit with everyone involved! The event was held for my niece’s birthday party and she was over the moon. Who wouldn’t be as her friends now say she had the best birthday party ever. Imagine how she felt when her friends and other people said that to her. The highlights of the event was the actual inflatable castles themselves.They hired two different ones. One was a water slide that can function as dry or wet. The other one was a classical bouncy castle with a Looney Tune theme. It was definitely colourful and eye catching to say the least. To be honest, kids from the other side of the street was also captivated. I don’t blame them, the bright colours can be seen easily from a distance. The other street was easily at least 50m away. Perhaps they should include a bouncy castle in ships so they can use it as an SOS signal or something! Jokes. In fact they can have fun in it as well. My niece name Kim had an awesome time at the party, she literally jumped in that castle all day long. She had lots of energy as if she just ate lollie or something. You know how kids can be hyperactive after consuming sugar. Well Kim was like that, well at least that’s how it seemed. you had to be there to witness it. Seeing is believing, I reckon if we didn’t have to return the inflatable stuff, she would probably still be jumping on it. Just as well birthdays comes once a year. Because as fun as it was, it was very tiring for the parents. Imagine getting up early in the morning to set it all up. What about the logistic of trying to organise the whole event. It must of been a big headache for them. Her dad Bob is one of those parents who wanted the best for his little one. So there is no surprise that he ended up hired two separate inflatable fun machines! Like I have said, one was a slide and the other was a more traditional one. It gave me an idea on what to do for my on kids on their birthday. It will definitely brighten the day up for them. I would probably their favourite one. who knows, kids do have their own way of thinking at times. they can also be very unpredictable. I might even chicken out and not even organise anthything of this nature. That’s because I am not the best to do it. I’ll let my partner do it. But make no  misktake about it, I still want the best for my little one so I might as well do it.

Thinking of a New Destination

Thought of the day: where shall I go next? In fact I think about it nearly every second of the day. I sometime daydream about being in another place when I don’t want to be in a certain place.. if you know what I mean! It’s kinda like a toungue twister isn’t it? There are so many cuntries and cities in te world hat it is impossible to have visited all of them. when people say to you.. I’ve been everywhere around the world.. then I bet you it is not true. They think they have been around the world but in fact they’re no where close! I really mean it. Next  time some says that to you, ask them to list the places for you. I bet ya it’s probably only a dozen places (if they’re lucky!) Ok, this was meant to be a short post. So bye bye! Thought of the day is still in my mind.. where should I go? Give me some ideas! Pleassseee!

Perth Western Australia – isolated but what a party!

The most isolated city in the world. Yep, I believe it to the max! Got there and upon stepping out I felt I was the only person there. Not only that but have a look at the map, the next closest city is thousands of miles away. Geez so is it really the most isolated city in the world? You bet cadet! Perth western australia. This is the destination that i am going to today. Is it the world’s most isolated city. In my opinion it is. Why do i think so. Well you have to read my story in this post to find out what i mean. My flight is at 12 o’clock sorry i woke up at 7 in the morning and i picked up my bags. 6 bags in total, is that lot of bags you might ask. Well that is normal for me as normal as it can be. You know my dad was exactly the same when he went away he also packed at least 5 bags to take with him. But my mother was the opposite. Her name was beth n she like to pack as little as possible. So i am already at the airport ready for departure. I was there a little bit early. In fact there is about 2 hours to go before my flight. But that’s ok because i love to shop at the airport. I would buy things like perfume lollies and magazines. So what type of magazines you might ask. Well let me tell you my favourite magazine are the cartoons. But i’m not going to tell you which cartoon show that it was from i would let you guess that. If you are reading my post for the first time. Then you’ll come to a realisation that i am a very descriptive type of guy. There is when i tell a story i will tell in pretty much on a 5 seconds frame. Now if you do not know what that means then you will have to keep on reading my blog to find out the exact type of person im. Not only i am a medical expert but i am also a passionate blogger. Don’t believe me. Then keep on reading and i will convert you for sure. Ok i am on board the plane. Finally! To be honest i love aeroplanes. Why do i say that. That’s because i love everything that has to do with the aeroplane. For example i love the food now some people might say that the food on the airplane it’s not good but in my opinion it is absolutely awesome. I say that because i do not have to cook it. Now do you get what i am trying to say. I am also a chatty guy. Sorry anyone that comes my way i will talk to them. I will talk to them until death do us part. Do i love talking off course i did. Didn’t i just say that. Ok touchdown. I have just stepped out of this airport. Im talking about perth international airport of course. I then went in a limousine . Not just any flashy one but a flashy one indeed. Flashy stuff is what I like. Even when I had a party hire equipment back at home, I made sure that it is of quality and the best of the best! Ok they leave i took us to our hotel. Our hotel is a 5 star hotel. Did i love it man of course i did. You should come with me next time and see it for yourself. Seriously i mean it. Yes there is an invitation for you to come with me on my holiday trip. You know what i might even feature you on my website. Ok i have just put down my bag in the hotel room. Im so tired. I am feeling very very jet lagged. Lights out and i am off to sleep and rest for a few hours. Before i go to hit the town so watch out the medic is here.